The Universal Load Banks ULB-R500 is a compact , versalite 500 KW stationary / permanent load bank that can be used to test loads upto a maximum of 500 KW at 480V and at other voltages such as 400 V, 600 V with derating.

R500 Series Load Bank

  • AC
  • Stationary / Permanent
  • Resistive
  • 500kW
  • 480 VAC / 400 VAC / 600 VAC
  • 50 HZ / 60 HZ

The model ULB-R500 is a compact , versatile 500kW stationary / permanent load bank for testing back up generators, UPS systems, Ground Power Units and Any other power source. The load bank can be used to test any loads up to a maximum of 500kW at 480V and also at other voltages such as 400 V, 600 V with derating.

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Technical Details

Load Bank

R500 Series, Self Contained, Stationary / Permanent Load Bank

Load Bank Type

AC Resistive

Load Rating

Rating: 500kW, Voltage: 480 VAC, Phase: 3 phase, Frequency: 60 Hz, Load Step Resolution: 25kW
Rating: 500kW, Voltage: 400 VAC, Phase: 3 phase, Frequency: 50Hz, Load Step Resolution: 25kW
Rating: 500kW, Voltage: 600 VAC, Phase: 3 phase, Frequency: 60Hz, Load Step Resolution: 25kW

Power Factor


Install Type

Stationary / Permanent, Outdoor Use

Duty Cycle

Continuous Duty

Cooling System

Air Cooled, Vertical Airflow

Physical Specifications & Inbuilt Safety


Heavy Gauge Steel Powder coated

Environmental Rating

NEMA Type 3R

Approx. Dimensions

46 W x 58 D x 85 H (inches)
117 W x 147 D x 216 H (cm)

Approx. Weight

1500 lbs. / 680 Kgs

Inbuilt Safety Features

  • Over-voltage/under-voltage/voltage Imbalance protection
  • 3 Phase current imbalance protection
  • Cooling-air loss protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Internal Fuses for Resistive load element groups
  • Emergency Switch
  • Load Dump Switch

Features & Benefits

  • UL & cUL Listed – Guaranteed Quality
  • Digital Controls using In-built PLC – Ease of Operator use, Profile loading, Data Logging
  • Handheld Touch screen HMI with 25 ft – Reliable, Ease of operation from one screen
  • Powder Coating – Corrosion Prevention and Durability
  • Fork truck slots or lifting eyes – Easily movable by fork truck or hoist
  • Numerous Safeties – Superior protection of Load Bank / Reliability
  • Nichrome “HeliCon” load elements, supported by SS rods – Reliability and Extend Life
  • Multiple Load Banks can be daisy chained – Larger capacity loading using this features and using multiple smaller capacity load banks


  • Better Load resolution; such as 1kW
  • Better metering accuracy; such as +/-1% F.S
  • Certified Drawings
  • Longer control cable (up to 100 ft.) for HMI control
  • 25 ft. and 50 ft. or longer color coded Load Cable sets
  • Power Cable reel, Motorized
  • Automated Control
  • Caster Wheels (all swivel with brakes)


  • Back up Generators
  • Emergency facilities – Health Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecom
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance